Airport LIBD 08/09/2015

Hello Team,
I would like to give you some feedback regarding our last flights out of your facility in Bari.
Firstly thank you very much for all your help, .....availability, efficiency and professionalism.
We had quite a hectic schedule on Sunday and Monday last and I have to say your service was faultless.
Everything was organised on time and you were always there on the phone anytime I needed help re
catering etc. As there was a little misunderstanding about the sandwichs on our last flight, I did not want
this to be the last impressiion you had, so I appreciate the fact that you went and found some toast and
did your best to find a solution. It can be a stressful time, just before a long flight!
For the rest of the catering the food was excellant, and the passengers enjoyed and complimented it a lot.
So once again, thank you so much for your great service.
I hope we come back to visit, but maybe not with such a heavy schedule next time!
With much Appreciation,