Airport LIRN 04/07/2016

Buon pomeriggio, I am writing on behalf of the crew of GSJSS. They have some positive feedback have asked me to pass it onto you." I know we usually email to complain about fbo's but this time I'm letting you know about the really good service we get at Naples. Despite some inconsistent passport procedures imposed by immigration (ALL crew must go through the terminal to clear customs and passport control even if I'm transit)and a woeful service from the refuelling company the staff at Sky Services Naples are absolutely brilliant. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They are efficient, helpful, friendly and on many occasions have helped us out when other agencies at the airport have been indifferent or obstructive. I would have cc'd them in on this so Sky Services management can see what a good job their staff are doing but I do not have their address to hand, perhaps you would be good enough to forward our thanks and appreciation.