Airport LIBD 24/06/2018

Special thanks to Maurizio and the team from Sky Services in Bari for the extra care that was given on our flight. Even thou it was our first time flying this client to Bari the client felt that he was handled very well. When the client wanted their cars to enter the ramp, Maurizio contacted the local authority and explained to us very clearly the process which I then conveyed to the client. After that, the client’s office tried via their own channels however they could not grant this access, therefore the handler was 100% accurate with the information given to us which made us look very professional and appreciated!
Maruizio and his team made it their mission to have these flights handled smoothly and carefully as possible and the feedback was that the staff was very pleasant and very helpful!
I have shared my feedback with my colleagues in Dubai about Sky Services and we will make sure any flight we have to Bari is to be handled by Sky Services only as we enjoy proactive personal such as Maurizio who reflect ACS service on the ground where it really matters.
Once again thank you all for the hard work, it is really appreciated it and I look forward to working with you all again!!!