Airport LIPZ/LIPQ 26/09/2018

Dear Skyservice Ops Team,  
I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Skyservices for the excellent service and professionalism related to  short notice arrangements for xxxxxxxxx (Acft: NxxxxR/G4) back on 18 Sep.
When I called and explained to Michela that the crew was having a bad day related to parking she took control along with Stefano and started working quickly to make arrangements for a drop and go in VCE and Parking at TRS.  Within a few short hours everything came together like clockwork.   After the captain arrived in Trieste he praised all the Skyservices staff who assisted him while in Italy. His comment was “Things went flawless in Venice and the Skyservices staff were amazing.” He went on to mention the gentleman at Trieste that assisted him  upon arrival was very helpful and kind.
Thank you again  for turning a bad situation into a positive experience.
Sincerely Douglas