Virus Zika – Updated 19th August 2016 for GA flights

Virus Zika – Updated 19th August 2016 for GA flights (unofficial translation – please refer to the attached notification issued by Ministero della Salute and links)

According to the latest Italian Health Department’s communication, we inform you that, in order to ensure timely supervision and avoid delays in case of health inspections of incoming aircraft on the national Italian territory, Airlines must inform the competent local Health Department (USMAF), the local Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and the local Airport Authority by sending a written self-certification on company’s letter head duly signed by the Manager of the Airline Company attesting that the aircraft (registration code and type) DID NOT operate in the areas affected by Zika virus and/or in those areas where the vector Aedes Agypti is present, in the 28 days preceding the arrival in any Italian airport (please check the following link updated on the 31st August for further information: ).

This self certification must be sent by e-mail or certified e-mail to all the above mentioned Entities within 12 hours before the estimated time of landing in Italy.

In absence of this communication, Airlines must have on board a valid disinsection certificate; if this certificate is not available, local USMAF may verify the techlog on board of the aircraft and if it results that the aircraft operated in the last 28 days in one of the areas affected by ZIKA virus, USMAF may request the aircrafts’ disinsection before departure.

Circolare disinsettazione aeromobili pdf