The SKY Services Group currently provides a complete range of services to its business aviation clients, from a full range of aircraft handling services to provision of fuel and maintenance assistance.

Today SKY has the largest network in this sector in Italy, with 12 FBOs based at the main Italian airports with own ground service equipment, staff and luxurious facilities. Next to fuel, SKY also offers its own brand of excellent catering, called “Sky Cuisine”. At all remaining airports in Italy SKY provides the same complete service package through its dedicated Supervision Operations Office which operates 24/7.

Additionally, SKY also manages the following activities:

1) ATO - Flight School (IT.ATO.0075) with bases in Brindisi, Capua and Milano Bresso;

2) AMO - Maintenance Company (IT.145.0383) with bases in Brindisi, Capua, Milan and Genoa;

3) CAMO - Technical management of aircraft (IT.CAMO.0187).

4) AOC – Air Operator Certificate (IT.AOC.00187)

SKY has furthermore focused its attention lately on the Aerospace Training and Research sector and has been participating in joint projects with internationally recognised entities of excellence, such as the Aerospace Agency and Universities.

Mandatory information on public disbursements: State aid and the de minimis aid received by our Company are reported in the National Register of State Aid, pursuant to art. 52 - Law 234/2012. For more info please refer to the following link: https://www.rna.gov.it/RegistroNazionaleTrasparenza/faces/pages/TrasparenzaAiuto.jspx