"In response to increasing customer demand, we have further expanded our services by providing ground support at all Italian airports. Given our extensive presence throughout the country, we can help you wherever you need to fly to in Italy”

At SKY we’re passionate about what we do. Thanks to our dedication, over 20 years of experience in the market and our commitment in expanding our network of FBOs, we offer to our customers an assistance that spreads out on the whole Italian territory by covering over 40 airports.    
Sky Services offers dedicated staff that co-ordinates and organizes, supervision with or without dedicated agents on site for all services needed for your flight on credit base for your convenience.    
From our OCC department our 24/7 staff arranges and administers everything for your flight, crew and passengers, at the airport of your destination.    
The service we offer at each one of the locations that we represent, has been certified by the Italian Entity for Civil Aviation.
Our OCC department and our locally based SKY agents will assist your aircraft, crew and passengers fully and become your trusted partner for anything you might need, from the moment of your request, throughout your journey until take off. Leave every single detail in our hands and we will take care of it: from the services needed by your crews like HOTAC, transportation or catering until the organization and supervision of all ground handling services for your aircraft before your arrival, during your stay and after departure.
Our ongoing investments and in-house training allow us to further expand the range of our services that we are able to offer to our international customers.    

Permits are a vital aspect in the planning of any flight. Our experienced staff will help you with obtaining overflight, landing  and ambulance permits for the whole Italian territory.    

Credit facilities    
We arrange credit facilities at all Italian airports. Credit covers all landing fees, airport charges, standard handling, additional services like fuel, catering, hotel and any other cost.    

Feel free to obtain information or to apply for an offer by contacting us at the following:

Ph: + 39 081 5522 421 (ext 22)
Fax: +39 081 5513 439
Ops: +39 393 0194 940 


Offered Services
  • Airport information
  • OCC (Operational Control Center)
  • Charter/ambulance permits
  • Overflight & landing permits
  • Flight notification / PPR / slot coordination
  • Handling & airport clearance
  • Movement messages
  • Meet & greet services
  • Customs/immigration
  • Liaison with local airport authorities
  • Station administration
  • Security service
  • Fuel
  • Locally based SKY agents
  • Travel coordination
  • Transport arrangements
  • Catering arrangements
  • HOTAC arrangements
  • Entertainment reservations
  • Credit facilities