Sky card

Sky Services has created a new card in partnership with Avcard for the Business Aviation sector. 
The SKY/AVCARD Services Card.
The card enables to pay, simply and securely, in person for the General Aviation services received at over 7600 locations around the world in 190 countries that include virtually every important airport destination.
This credit card covers the services provided on the ground such as: Airport fees, Handling, Fuel, Catering and many more services received by the FBO.

The SKY/AVCARD Services Card does not charge for annual fees and offers VAT compliance and exemption support.
When used the right way, it gives benefits such as discounts and rewards.
To apply for the card it is necessary to complete the Become a Customer form and send it to: 
fax: +39 081 5513439 -

Via Guantai Nuovi 16 – 80133 Naples Italy 
Ph. +39 081 5522 421 Ph. +39 081 2514 837

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