SKY is a privately-owned company, we can take decisions quickly to adapt to market conditions and keep up with the demands of our customers. Since the company’s inception, we have always strived to ensure that our services are seen as a symbol for quality and reliability. Our modern facilities, our customer service excellence, our dynamism and meticulous attention to details have led to us becoming the largest network of General Aviation services providers in Italy. We are dedicated to offering our customers cutting-edge organization, as well as high-tech systems and services unmatched in private aviation handling business.To assure the highest service level possible, Sky Services' locations are subject to regular thorough internal auditing and are being monitored by Independent Quality Consultants. This permits a constant quality control of the services provided.

The Difference
Own facilities, staff and equipment at each location.
“The main difference between SKY and the competition in Italy is that SKY operates their own facilities, aircraft, staff and equipment. This means that customers profit from a high quality service to fewer costs, because SKY does not use third parties to provide the services”.

Clemente de Rosa
MD and Founder

A company is built on its people and that is why we believe that people and their professionalism represent the real value of our company. This is also the reason why we have made substantial investments in the training of our multi-language staff. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, we have created several internal training courses which cover every aspect of the handling process, ranging from Customer Service to Ramp Service. The courses are all approved by ENAC (the Italian National Civil Aviation Authority).