The academy

Sky Services offers to its cadets the opportunity to fly all over Italian territory, through the widespread network of its FBOs.
Headquarter is based in Naples city center and the Academy has bases in: Capua (LIAU), Naples (LIRN), Milan Bresso (LIMB) and Brindisi (LIBR). All cadets will be able to fly inside of all the SKY network: LIML / LIMC / LIPZ / LIPH / LIPX / LIRA / LIRN / LIRI / LIBD / LIBR.Latest generation aircrafts, teachers’ high professionalism and passion for flying constitute the strength of our school.
Sky Services is also TEA center at  Brindisi, Bari and Capua bases
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Learn to fly with us, and you will enjoy the SKY all year round!

Naples Capodichino

Naples Capodichino

ph. +39 081.2311.048
fax.+39 081.7800.031
ops +39 338.7735.768

Milan Bresso

Milan Bresso

ph. +39 02.6143.245
fax +39 02.6100.106
ops +39 335.8709.033

Flight Notification PAX
Flight Notification NO PAX


ph. +39 083.1413.313
fax. +39 083.1411.204
ops +39 377.7078.200